Some Useful Tips For Using Generator Safely

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During the power cut situation, generators come as a lifesaving factor. Running on diesel, the machine produces electricity and power up your home equipment. But if installed or used improperly, the machine won’t work efficiently and can be a killer. Electrocution and carbon monoxide, released by a faulty generator, can be very dangerous for you. So, if you don’t have an idea what you are doing with your generator, then get in touch with Mr. Electric Of Atlanta to hire the best Electrician in Lilburn who can help you in this. Here are some essential tips that every professional electrician offers to use a generator.

Don’t place the generator near your houses

Each year, people die due to operating their home generator too close to the house or in a garage. A generator releases carbon monoxide, which is harmful to health. You can’t event run the machine in the garage, even if the door is opened. So, keep it at a safe distance from your house. Take the help of a professional Electrician in Kennesaw for necessary advice.

Don’t go for “back feed”

You can find a lot of tips on back-feeding power through a dual male-ended extension. But remember that this is totally illegal. It can severely affect your family and neighbours. Want to eliminate the extension cord? Well, go on and install a transfer switch with the help of a trained Electrician in Lilburn. This is the safest alternative to such extension cords.

Before refilling, let the machine cool

You can develop a massive disaster if you refill a hot generator.  A generator can go up in flames, with such a little mistake. Besides, spilling while refilling is quite frequent if you are refilling the generator at night without using a flashlight. So, let the generator cool down and then refill it.

Place it on a level surface

Some generators come with splash lubricant systems. Besides, there will be crankshaft dippers that spread oil into moving parts. However, the system operates perfectly if the generator is placed on a level surface. If you place it on a slope, the dipper may not transfer the oil to a few engine parts. This can lead to the failure of the generator. So, seek expert advice on that prepare a perfect level spot. It is also applicable even if your generator has a pressurized lubricant system.


Keep in mind the cord length

As these machines are loud, the homeowner prefers to keep them away from the house. Well, that’s if you have a 12-gauge heavy-duty extension cord. But, remember that a 12-gauge extension cord also comes with a limit. The total length should be within 100 ft. Otherwise, this can affect the compressor or motor. You can take the help of Electrician in Kennesaw how can help you by developing a perfect cord system for your generator.

Always use good quality fuel

Old fuel can lead to generator startup problems, especially on most of the generators that have petrol-powered engines. That’s why professional electricians always advice to use a fuel stabilizer to reduce the fuel breakdown and gum development. Don’t take it lightly as a little mistake from your site can make the condition severe. So, whenever you face any issue related to your generator, prefer to call a professional electrician to fix the problem.

Keep your home generator working properly with Mr. Electric of Atlanta’s help

To get an uninterrupted power supply form your generator, you need to take good care of it and its installation. Don’t you have many ideas about it? If yes, don’t try out any DIY and call the best Electrician in Lilburn of Mr. Electric of Atlanta. They are highly trained and have years of experience in dealing with different generator issues. Whether you are installing a generator for the first time or want to repair it, they will help you out. Call them now for more details.

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