7 Tips That Will Help You Organize Your Gaming Desk In a Better Way

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A clean gaming desk can allow you to increase your gaming experience. Of course, a person loves to play games in a neat and tidy setup rather than a mess. 

No matter what game you are about to play, even if it is your favorite game you’ll quit early because of your messy gaming setup. So the main thing is, what should you do to avoid a mess in your setup? 

Before we jump towards the solution, let me tell you some benefits of a neat and organized gaming desk setup.

  • It increases your performance in a game
  • It increases your stamina.
  • A neat gaming setup increases your excitement for a game. 

Sturdy components are essential for better gaming, but an organized gaming setup is also essential. So if your setup is a mess and you want to clean it up, then this post may help you out.

Today, our team has researched the 7 effective tips to organize your gaming setup in an amateur style.

  1. Bundle Wires and Cables with Cable Clips 

The cables and wires are mostly left unorganized on a gaming desk. They look messy and decrease the overall vibe of your gaming desk. 

Keeping these wires organized and less messy is a painful task. In order to organize your wires and cables, you can use cable clips. These are multi-purpose and cost-efficient charging you a few dollars but they do wonders with your gaming desk.

The next thing to do is to collect all the essential cables roaming around your desk and use cable clips to assemble them. In this way, your cables will look bundled and neat. You can also buy extra-long cord wraps and secure your wires around the leg of your gaming desk. Now, let’s move towards our second tip.

  1.  Use Headphone Hangers

Headphones are the most crucial accomplice of a gamer. However, headphones grab a lot of space on your gaming desk that is very disturbing. Especially wired headphones are the messiest ones. But one simple hack can help you get rid of the headphone mess issue.

These days headphone hangers are very essential for your setup. Their popularity is constantly enhancing day by day. If your expensive headphone is roaming around your desk. You can get a headphone hanger and mount it to your gaming desk. In this way, there is no mess on your gaming desk, your headphones are organized as well, you can reach them easily and you have successfully spared some space on your gaming desk. Sounds great!

  1. Choose a Color Theme for Your Gaming Setup

A gaming setup with LED lights looks amazing but LED lights display different colors around your desk. Having different colors around your desk, and your monitor may not seem good. 

What you should do is pick up a single color theme for your setup. And after that arrange the aesthetics of your gaming desk according to your color theme. For this purpose, you can get customizable strips as they come in handy. 

  1. Choose the Perfect Sound System for Your Gaming Desk

For a sound system, you can either opt for speakers or headphones. But whatever you choose, remember that sound is a crucial part of gaming and your headphones or speakers can affect the look of your setup.

While playing competitive games, you need better sound quality. 

These days, most of the monitors come in handy with speakers. So in order to free up some space from your desktop, you can buy a monitor with built-in speakers. They are of good quality and they can help you save space for speakers. Isn’t it a good idea?

  1. Choose a better Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

A good gaming keyboard and mouse are the most crucial things you need as a gamer. They enhance the ultimate feel of a desktop. These devices also improve your gaming experience, if you have a good gaming mouse you can develop a good grip with an accurate track. 

A good mouse helps you develop fewer strains on your muscle, with additional shortcut keys to help you during gaming.

The similar goes with a gaming keyboard. Choosing a good gaming keyboard is also necessary. Keyboards are much more advanced and they are equipped with RGB lights, with better key controls to help you play on the go.

  1. Add a Framed Poster to the Wall

Adding a framed poster to the wall can increase the look of your gaming setup. This adds a touch to your hobbies, personal taste, and habits. A framed poster is inexpensive, you can easily get one from the nearest shop, or from an online store.

It could be about your favorite game, your favorite movie, hobby, a favorite quote, etc.  

  1. Use a Keyboard Dust Brush

As we discussed earlier, a keyboard is an essential element for a gamer. But it is the prey for dust particles, and food particles as well. Some gamers eat their exotic snack boxes or food over their keyboard that lets dust particles get inside it. 

If you are tired of seeing dust on your keyboard, consider using a dust brush. Your keyboard needs to get cleaned in order to stay free of bacteria, shiny, and full of charm. That is why using a dust brush is a good idea. 

With keyboard dust brushes, you can easily get rid of dust particles and clean your gaming keyboard. This automatically helps you clean your gaming desk and keep it more organized. Normally, a keyboard dust brush costs somewhere between $5 to $10. 


That is all for today. You can use these seven effective tips to make your gaming desk organized and neat. Most of the tips mentioned in this post are way too easy and they need less time. However some tips are a bit difficult, they require more planning and a little more time span. 

So, I hope you will get better results after implementing these tips. If you have any queries drop them down in the comments section, we would love to resolve them. 

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