Why is playing at Online Casinos so Popular in 2022?

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Traditional casinos seem to be suffering a slump at the moment. For years people took great pleasure in going to brick and mortar casinos, for the novelty and excitement. People have always been fascinated by betting. A fun day or night out at a casino, with the added possibility of winning some money? Who could say no?

Yet, in recent years, traditional casinos have been faced with battling a serious new competitor, playing at casinos in an alternative way, online. In a relatively short space of time, the growth in this sector has been absolutely astonishing, with no signs of it letting up anytime soon.

But why exactly are online casinos so popular? The traditional casino industry at times appears to be fighting a losing battle and seems like a floundering boxer on the ropes. At this moment, it would seem to be hard to reverse the flow of people flocking to play at online casinos.

The Pandemic Hits

As if traditional casinos weren’t coming under enough pressure from online casinos, the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic triggered another shift in the way gambling was going. Businesses around the globe were closed due to fear of spreading the virus, and casinos proved to be no exception to this.

The traditional industry was dealt a devastating blow, unable to open for customers, and employees instantly out of work. For casinos that did eventually reopen over time, the lure and appeal appeared to have been lost as they adhered to strict rules and regulations. For those looking for a fun night out, a casino had become not the place to be.

And so, people turned to play at online casinos. For sure this was safer than going to a traditional casino if they were even open. Everybody was quite worried, and there was no need to put yourself in harm’s way. If you can’t go without having a bet, playing online was the way to do it without any worry or fear.

Traditional casinos understood this, it’s hard to make a casino where customers mingle seem like an attractive place to go when people are scared. While in time as things calm down people will start to come back, the pandemic may have proved to be a turning point for many who remain happy to play online.

Freedom to Play as suits

Find that a trip to the casino ends up becoming more hassle than it’s worth? You may find it has become a timely and possibly expensive trip. Dressing up to look good, trying to find someone to go with you as it’s no fun by yourself is just the beginning.

Bear in mind you will have to get a taxi there, especially if you are planning to have a few drinks. The prices of food and alcohol in casinos can be quite high, so you are already looking at a costly adventure, and this is before you have even started gambling.

Online casinos can cut out all these expenses as you have the power to play wherever, and whenever, suits you. The majority of people these days are in possession of a device that can connect to the internet, be it a mobile smartphone, tablet, laptop, or regular home desktop computer.

These devices can allow you to play when you choose to. There is no massive planning involved, and certainly no expense. All you really have to think about is your budget that you are willing to play with.

Online Customers are Spoilt

Energy Casino

While some traditional casinos may disappoint with set closing times, online casinos have no such issues. Customers are able to log in at any hour of the day, every day. While this may be dangerous, especially while possibly under the influence of alcohol, the vast majority of people can see this as a major positive.

There is a far greater range of games available to play online. They don’t have to worry about floor space as traditional casinos do. The variety of table games and slot machines on offer can amaze even the most demanding of punters. The selection online will always be far greater than what’s on offer in traditional casinos.

People who have smaller bankrolls often feel intimidated by casinos, or indeed in some cases, frozen out completely to make way for bigger spenders. Online casinos appeal to players who wish to play at their own level of comfort financially. It also reduces the feeling of embarrassment they may experience if they are not allowed to join a game in the casino.

Special Offers

On top of free bets, traditional casinos have the advantage of being able to offer perks like free food and free drinks to casual punters, with even free accommodation possibly being given to high rollers who frequent their establishment.

However, online casinos have countered this the best they can with resounding success, ensuring a steady flow of punters. Simply by joining up to any online casino you should receive a sign-up bonus to welcome you on board. This can come in the form of free money to play with or indeed free spins, but be sure to check the conditions of the offer.

Promotions for punters who use the site regularly are readily available. Big sporting events can see offers being made that can only help entice new players or ensure that existing users wish to become involved in these events even if they had no desire to. The offers keep coming, and this in turn keeps the money flowing for online casinos.


It’s hard to say that traditional casinos have been caught by surprise by the emergence of online casinos, but the pace at which they have taken over has shocked many. No business likes to lose revenue or ground to a competitor and unfortunately, this is exactly what’s happening.

The arrival of the pandemic didn’t help the traditional casino industry much as it came to a standstill with legendary locations across the world feeling the pinch. Shut for periods of time due to restrictions, even upon reopening casino life did not resume as easily as they may have liked.

Options to play online as to when and where you wished had grabbed casual punters’ attention. The safety aspect also came into play here. An abundance of special offers available online made the decision to gamble there only more straightforward, making playing online the most popular choice today.

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