Traditional vs Electronic Cigarettes: Key Differences

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The parameter “mg” on a pack of traditional cigarettes and a bottle of liquid for electronic cigarettes means completely different things. “Mg” on a pack of traditional cigarettes shows how many substances enter the human body. “Mg” on a bottle of liquid means how much of this substance is in this liquid. Only about one-third of this amount enters the body, and perhaps even less (some studies have shown that the minimum absorption of these substances is 10%, the maximum – about 40%). Let’s accept conditionally this quantity for 30%.

What Is the Amount of Nicotine Consumed?

A pack of cigarettes contains about 20 mg of nicotine (20 *1mg). 2 ml of liquid is about 2 * 36 * 0.3, which is about the same: 20 mg will be absorbed into the body. So, a pack of cigarettes is the equivalent of 2 ml of liquid of 36 mg. The amount of fluid consumed directly depends on the needs of users, as well as what electronic cigarettes they use. Some studies have shown that when smoking electronic cigarettes, nicotine enters the blood about 10 times less than when smoking traditional ones. Smoking electronic cigarettes is better for many reasons, not only because they contain less nicotine. Check the benefits of e-cigarettes:

  • When smoking traditional cigarettes you often have to smoke a cigarette to the end, which is harmful.
  • Electronic cigarettes can be smoked almost everywhere, the vapor from electronic cigarettes does not soak clothes and does not stay long in the air.
  • Only about 40-45% of nicotine through an atomizer turns into steam. We take another 25% – the error associated with the exhalation of this pair by an accidental one, and with that which is not absorbed by mucous membranes, is approximately 30%.

Does Nicotine Cause Strong Addiction?

Nicotine itself is probably less addictive than the general public thinks – evidence of this is the fact that many people can reduce their consumption to almost nothing without switching to electronic cigarettes. It causes a more powerful dependence in a combination with monoamine oxidase inhibitors, and other substances that are contained in the smoke from a traditional cigarette.

Nicotine in Vapor: The Results of Experiments

The researchers have discovered that when smoking electronic cigarettes with a PG-based liquid (901; PG-based liquid; 4.2 c), 74% of nicotine is transferred from the liquid to vapor in unchanged form. When smoking an electronic cigarette, about 50% of nicotine is exhaled by the user back. The release of this component into the bloodstream, if the vapor is retained in the mouth, can be doubled. However, most smokers do not practice this. The amount of exhaled nicotine should be at least equal to 25%, and most likely more.

A larger electronic cigarette gives not only a greater amount of vapor but also a greater content of nicotine in this pair. Researchers do not measure the amount of nicotine that comes out of the atomizer with steam, but the number of alkaloids. Some parts of nicotine likely underwent oxidation at this stage, some part has already turned into cotinine – this is evidenced, in particular, by a change in the color of the vapor.

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