Top Movies with Unforgettable Card Game Scenes to Binge Over the Weekend

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Card games are an incredible way to pass the time and kill boredom. Out of all the popular card games, rummy is considered the most entertaining. The engaging game has been reimagined online, so the game can be enjoyed whenever and at any time. 

You can join now to participate in the thrill of online rummy games. It is a multiplayer game that lets you connect with other players showcasing varied skill and experience levels. If you wish to stay connected with your favorite card games even during movie nights, here is a list of binge-worthy movies boasting spectacular card game scenes. Card game lovers must not miss these movies. 

  1. 21

21 is an American heist drama film by Robert Luketic. It stars Kevin Spacey, Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth, Laurence Fishburne, Jacob Pitts, Liza Lapira, Kieu Chinh, and Aaron Yoo in lead roles. The move is inspired by the true story of the famous MIT Blackjack Team as told by the best-selling book by Ben Mezrich, Bringing Down the House. 

The story follows the struggles of Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess), an MIT Math Major, and Professor Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey). The former has to pay $300,000 to MIT and Harvard Medical School, and the latter can help solve the problem with his equation. 

A team of 6 hand-picked MIT students is chosen and trained to become experts in counting cards and take Las Vegas casinos by storm. The scene where they return to Planet Hollywood to win money is worth watching. 

  1. Casino Royale 

Casino Royale belongs to the James Bond film series, and it is a 2006 spy film. The film revolves around the beginning of James Bond’s career as Agent 007 when he earns the license to kill. The story features a must-watch poker tournament that promises to have card game lovers clutch the edge of their seats. The scene is executed brilliantly, and the movie stars Daniel Craig, Eva Green, and Isaach de Bankole. 

The movie is a weekend must-watch due to its nerve-racking twists, fast-paced action scenes, and incredible special effects. 

  1. Rounders 

Edward Norton and Matt Damon star in Rounders, and it is an American drama following an underground world of high-stakes poker. The story revolves around two friends who must win at high-stakes poker to pay off their large debt. 

The movie’s name refers to a person who travels around from city to city searching for high-stakes card games. It has won several accolades from critics and is a cult hit. Watch the movie for the re-match scene between Michael McDermott (Matt Damon) and KGB (John Malkovich). 

  1. The Hangover 

The Hangover is an American comedy film by Todd Phillips. The movie starts with an erratic sequence of events and an eventful night. The movie characters don’t have any memory of the night the morning after and take a trip down memory lane. The night is crazy, and the trip they take gets crazier. 

The plot of the movie is funny and unforgettable. It’ll be imprinted on your mind. The crazy events at the casino and what comes after will make your hair stand on your body. 

The group of 4 is reduced to a trio, and the person who is missing is the groom about to get married in a few hours. Panic grips everyone. The three friends have to overcome obstacles and defy all odds to find their missing friend.

You can watch The Hangover on Netflix India, and if you plan to watch it over the weekend, be warned that you will laugh your guts out. After all, they manage to kidnap a tiger!  

  1. California Split

California Split is a light-hearted movie where the generic plot twists are performed with such enthusiasm that it compels the audience to watch it more than once. 

The movie doesn’t have any big surprises. It is a story about two unlikely friends whose friendship is built on their mutual love of card games. One of them is completely immersed in the lifestyle of card games, and the other is finding his way into the lifestyle. 

The two friends encounter trouble as they find themselves out of depth in a world of highly-skilled card game players. However, they manage to overcome the hurdles and come to an understanding of going their separate ways. 

  1. Casino

Directed by Martin Scorsese, Casino is an epic crime film. The star cast includes Sharon Stone, Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci. It is a story of deception, greed, money, deception, murder, and power. Everything revolves around two best friends: a casino executive and a mafia enforcer. The Blackjack scene is a must-watch. 

  1. Ocean’s Eleven 

Getting back at an enemy for personal reasons and earning $160,000,000 while doing so seems like more than a fair deal. But, there’s a catch. Getting even means robbing a heavily-guarded casino. It is not a task that can be executed alone, and therefore, with the help of Rusty, Danny hired eight trained criminals, and they begin to plan the mother of all heists. 

The planning is meticulous and precise, which leads to the biggest payday for all eleven people involved in the heist. Watch how the event unfolds. If you’ve watched and enjoyed Money Heist, Ocean’s Eleven will be a treat for you. 

So, your weekend is set. You’ll find most of the movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Download them and watch offline or stream them online if you have a superfast broadband Internet connection. These amazing movies with card game scenes can be the break you need between playing online rummy games.

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