Use a Smartphone to Keep Track of Your Finance

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The first step to financial literacy is to understand where the money goes. Accounting for expenses and income is the best way to start saving and get rid of useless spending. Going to rational consumption is easy – download the app to your smartphone and keep track of your money transactions. Let’s look at the apps that will help you organize your budget correctly. You will find more financial apps on freeappsforme.


A simple application that lets you skip the configuration step and start accounting for revenue and expenses immediately after installation. On the main screen, there are two buttons – plus and minus. To click on one of them, enter the amount and select the desired category. To make your list of categories and account for money in different currencies, you must buy a paid version. Bonus: all data can be protected by a password.


Service with its own methodology of budget maintenance. the creators believe that accounting for income and expenses should start with planning. When you receive revenue, you must enter it in the program and distribute it among categories that each user sets up manually.

During the month, you should enter the expenses and change the budget, redistributing the money between the categories (if you exceeded your planned expenditure). To use the program, you must install the desktop version-you can’t limit yourself to the mobile version. But the program can keep the family budget.

Cost Track

The app allows you to manage multiple budgets simultaneously. For example, you can create separate pages with wedding and repair expenses. Expenses for each month are shown on a pie chart. You can see how much money was spent on each category in General or for a certain period. You can add a comment, location, photo, and even audio to each expense if you want to remember what was purchased but don’t have time to write.

Visual Budget

A detailed application that allows you to view data in a list, as a pie chart or line chart. You can group categories. For example, to account for business lunches, coffee, and food at home, but combine them into a larger “Food” category.

Personal Finance

An application that allows you to maintain not only a personal but also a joint budget — there is a function “Analysis for each family member”. You can create an unlimited number of categories and subcategories and set up automatic downloads of data from bank messages. The application forecasts the approximate budget for the next month and the amount of savings.

Money Manager Ex

Free open-source service, in the improvement of which anyone can take part. Thanks to the collaboration, the service supports 30 languages. Here you can plan your budget for a month and a year, set up the automatic entry of regular expenses, and make a list of your spending categories.


A simple application that automatically enters information from the bank’s messages, defining the category for previous transactions. Shows how much money has already been spent in a month, a week and a day, as well as spent in each category.


Use this app as your daily financial diary. Break down the costs into separate categories (food, transport, entertainment, etc.) and write down the costs for each. Expenditures are entered systematically in order to get a complete breakdown by category. This helps to get an idea of what exactly the money is being spent on.

The advantages of the application are its clear interface and ease of use. It’s possible to create a family wallet that will show both shared and separate expenses. There are also functions for automatic addition of amounts from SMS and debt control, but only in the paid version, as well as shared wallets.

Only basic functionality is available free of charge, but it will still be enough to get an idea of financial behavior. The application is available for Android and iOS.


The application is similar in functionality to Moneon: you divide costs into categories. Defaults: products, transport, household, entertainment, and services. But you can change or delete them. Expenses are located at the bottom of the screen, and information about wallets, cards, and accounts is displayed at the top.

Statistics of expenses and income are presented in months and days. The application offers analysis results in the form of charts and graphs. Plus – no registration. You download the application and start keeping records. The paid version provides extended functionality: an unlimited number of revenue sources and expense categories, statistics for individual expenses, and the possibility to install the program on several devices.

Cash Organizer

The main chip of the application is synchronization with the bank. This eliminates the need to enter payments manually. Of course, the application has the protection that will not allow access to data even for developers. The interface with Cash Organizer is not so simple, but the instructions that explain the usage algorithm solve the problem.

Standard functions: breakdown of expenses by categories, statistics, reports, and budget planning. The joint account function is convenient for spouses to use – it helps to analyze what the family spends money on. If necessary, you can split the accounts to see each partner’s spending. Personal accounts remain inaccessible to other users. There is a basic and premium version. The service is available for Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows.

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