What are Fish Table Games?

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Every year, more than 40 million people travel to Las Vegas to indulge in games of chance like slots, poker, and roulette. Around the world, Monte Carlo, London, Pari, and Macau is the biggest gambling cities.

Some people don’t care about the luxuries of brick-and-mortar casinos, though. Instead, they prefer to save time and money by gambling on the Internet. Online casinos have all the games you can find in Las Vegas. But it’s a tad challenging to find one type of gambling game: Fish Table Games.

What are Fish Table Games?

A fish table game is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a game played around a table-mounted with a large 3D screen. The screen shows a variety of fish swimming around. Your goal is to use virtual bullets to shoot the sea creatures.

Every fish has a prize. Large fish carry more points than smaller fish. Sometimes the screens can feature sea dragons and crabs. The critters carry points or monetary rewards too. That said, the biggest challenge is shooting the big fish before your opponent does.

Where Can you Play Fish Table Games?

Fish table games involve competing to shoot fish for money. In other words, they’re gambling games—akin to poker and blackjack. As you would expect, you can find and play fish table games in Las Vegas.

The Sands Casino Las Vegas is an excellent example. The prestigious casino has a fish table arena featuring a 60-inch TV screen called Amazon Fishing. The game pits six gamblers together and can earn you huge cash prizes.

Besides the Sands, you can find fish table games at a select number of online casinos. You need to dig around, though. Finding a reliable casino is easier said than done. The best strategy is to look for recommendations from a trusted review site.

What are Popular Types of Fish Table Games?

Fish table games come in many types. Below are some of them:

  • Crab King

Crab King is a level-based arcade-style fish table game by River Monster. The goal is to kill a variety of fishes using a joystick. The more fish you kill—the higher the amount of money your win.

Being a game based on crabs, your aim is to kill the big crabs. There’s the king crab. Then there’s the laser crab. There’s also a golden shark. But pay attention to the lobster. It’s nicknamed BOSS.

And we kid you not. Fighting BOSS is like fighting boss battles in Mortal Kombat. It’s exciting but challenging. If you succeed, you also kill a school of small fishes that swim around the BOSS. Needless to say, you win the game’s biggest jackpot.

  • Fish Catch

Fish Catch comes from Real Time Gaming, one of the most popular casino software providers out there. It’s a cheap game for anyone with as little as $0.01 per bullet. You can bet up to $2.50 per shot, though. The benefit is that you win more money.

Although the primary goal is to kill fish, look out for the Mermaid’s Luck feature. It triggers a wheel of fortune that can magnify your profits. 

  • Fish Chopper

This is yet another arcade-style game from River Monster. It comes with 3D graphics, making it appealing to play. The most intriguing part of the game, however, is the full-screen bombs that hike your excitement before you can discover how many fishes you’ve killed.

Like Crab King, Fish Chopper has boss characters. The Golden Shark, Ne Zha and Li Khui are the most popular ones. Kill one of these monsters and you’ll be swimming in cash. Caveat: boss characters cost a lot more bullets than regular fish types. 

Are Fish Table Games Based on Skill or Luck?

Fish table games combine both skill and luck, at least the games offered at casinos. Think about it. Casinos primarily provide games of luck. That’s how they’re able to make money—from unlucky players.

Fish table games give you a fair chance to beat the house. But you need proper skills and strategies to win. Here’s what we mean:

  • Focus on Small Fishes (Mustache Technique)

Every bullet counts. Spend your entire ammunition on large fishes and chances are you’ll kill one or none. By contrast, you can focus on small fishes that die through single bullets. You’ll win small amounts of cash, but you’re at least assured of winning something.

  • Aim for BOSS Characters

We know—we just said killing small fishes is a good strategy for guaranteeing you money at fish table games. But what if you’re not interested in small wins? You want to hit the jackpot. In that case, shift your aim to the BOSS characters.

Ensure you have enough bullets to take down the BOSS characters. In many cases, killing the boss also spells doom to small fishes. And in doing so, your profits magnify greatly. 

  • Regulate Your Speed

Because you can kill small fish with ease, lower your shooting speed until you get to the BOSS battles. This can help you save plenty of bullets you could use for the bigger fish. Of course, you want greater speed when it comes to killing the bigger creatures.

An alternative way to save bullets is to wait patiently until all the fish cram together. This happens once in a while. In such situations, you can unload your barrel sporadically to kill as many fish as possible.

  • Avoid Hidden Fish

Many fish table games boost your points by 10% or 20% if you can shoot and kill a fish under a rock. It sounds like an interesting challenge. But here’s the problem. It’s a bullet waister and there’s no assurance the fish will die. Due to that, pay less attention to fishes that are difficult to kill. Instead, focus on critters in clear waters. 


There you have it—how fish table games work, where to play and how to win. The beauty of these games is that they involve skills. And in doing so, they give everyone a chance to win. As mentioned, though, use strategies to save bullets and to increase your rewards. 

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