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How to Make your Wine Bottle Boxes Packaging Attractive? [Guide for Beginners to Follow]

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Are you looking for quality packaging for good wine? If yes, then this is the right place for you to get great information about box designs for wine bottles. You can use the bottles as the product display or a gift option. But for that sake, you need to go with the options of wine bottle boxes designs which are of significant enrichment and guarantee. 

Let’s get into the discussion below, which is about choosing wine box designs and how you can make them look presentable for targeting more audiences.

List of best materials available for the wine packaging

Now you might be thinking about which are the best materials you can choose for the packaging of wine bottles! Various materials are available, which ranges within brown or white cardboard and black natural paper. We have a list of a few material options for you and their qualities for box packaging manufacturing. 

  • White cardboard is best to print with some more significant parts like the full-color boxes. This allows you to print a clear image and can print it on both sides.
  • Brown or the use of lack natural cardboard looks modern, and they are of high quality. It thus impresses with its great feel and high durability. It is popularly much suitable for minimalist design.
  • Grasshoppers appeal to the sustainable target group and are great for organic wines. Complete information about different types of cardboard can be found here.
  • Most store owners look for cardboard as the best option for wrapping good wines. You can add the cardboard with the feel of metal and wood. The material selection can be based on the purpose, as well as location, and few of the price segment factors.

What kind of best paper box likes the win-packing?

When choosing the box, it is not essential to always consider the box’s design. You also need to pay attention to the weight or size of the product necessary to be ship up in the packaging. 

The package of wine should not only be visually attractive but also protect the interior. In addition to the safe mounting insert, we also want to recommend an automatic floor covering. It is adding up by the high load capacity and is in quick assembly.

The following boxes are especially suitable for profit packaging:

  • Folding boxes as wine packaging – Folding boxes are a classic in wine packaging. For maximum grip, you can supply the package with a special insert.
  • Sliding box as the wine packaging – Sliding box with the placement of special insert, this puts your whole wine bottle in the spotlight and is popular to be great as gifts for the old and new customers.
  • Handle as the wine packaging – The wine packaging box is available with a handle which acts as practical and noble. It even provides bottle protection, great visibility, and excellent access support.
  • Pouchbox as wine packaging – Pouchboxes look exquisite thanks to the narrowed closure. It’s like having a gift box with the help of carrying a handle.
  • Gift boxes as the wine packaging – Wine bottles are sometimes also presented as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or other holidays. But in addition to a gift for customers and the employees, they are very much happy to take away the wine bottles. A personalized wine gift box will further enhance your wine gift and give it a personal touch. In addition, wine packaging thus offers a great way to strengthen your brand somehow and even spread the message. A bottle of wine can be quickly available as a gift on the market.

How important is wine packaging for you?

Wine custom boxes effectively support a powerful brand image, and thus, it sets the whole product away from the competition towards the point of sale. Many people are amazed by the wide selection of wine racks, so they are happy to impress them with their optics when making a purchase decision. This is only useful if your packaging is visible.

  1. Choose cardboard as the material for packaging wine.

The desire for ecological packaging for wine bottles and gift items is also growing with the growing ecological awareness. You can drip your nobles with a clear conscience with durable cardboard wine packaging. But cardboard wine boxes are not popular to be just environmentally friendly, but also more robust and beautiful to look over at. Of course, wine cartons can be individually printing up and refine according to your taste and requirements.

  1. Use gift boxes to wrap wine bottles

It is always difficult to pack a bottle of wine nicely. Wrapping paper, in particular, requires a lot of sanding and patience. A bottle Necker wrapped in love is often praised and then shaken. Beautiful wrapping paper finished in the trash.  To give away the wine box something, there is a variety of unique designs and great finish options:

  • Your wine packaging will yet become the noble highlight through the use of a blind embossing or with the shiny embossing of hot foil in the silver or the gold.
  • With a bit of UV color, the logo or the name of the wine can be displayed well, and with incident light, an exciting shine effect is created.
  • The custom-made insert ensures a secure grip and guarantees a perfect look.
  • With a usage of the viewing window as the attractive exterior strike, you can simply achieve more effects and can often view the interior.
  • The handle is practical and is also a specialty in wine packaging.


Thus, different styles and designs of wine box packaging options are available to go with something unique and attractive. All you should aim to target more audiences, which can boost your brand sales. When a customer enters into your wine shop, the first thing they will notice is how you have displayed the wine bottle. And this is just possible with the inspiring design of box packaging wrapped all around the wine bottle. 

Are you ready to follow the latest packaging trends for our wine bottle store?

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