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What is the Full Form of APSC?

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The Assam Public Service Commission is a state-level organization that carries out recruitment activities. To select candidates for civil services in the government of the state of Assam, the Public Service Commission conducts examinations. APSC full form is the Assam Public Service Commission, a state-level body in Assam, India, responsible for providing public services such as education, health care, water supply, and sewerage, etc. 

About APSC

The Assam Public Service Commission is responsible for conducting various state-level examinations for candidates who want to become civil servants. The commission was established in 1937.

As the Assam Public Service Commission, it is the organization that positions people to work for the Assam state government. In this position, positions are like assistant research officer and exploration officer.

Besides this, many job types and opportunities for civil servants are also available. The Assam Public Service Commission is the main body responsible for attracting candidates from Assam, which it does through examinations on behalf of the state.

APSC offers job opportunities in these different fields to those qualified candidates willing to work in the government sector.

As the salaries for posts depend on the type of position, it is best to visit a job website where you can find opportunities and apply. However, the typical salary ranges from 2000 INR to 90000 INR.

APSC eligibility

To apply for the public service commission of Assam in India, candidates must have certain qualities and qualifications. But before applying you also know about APSC full form which is Assam Public Service Commission. The application process is different depending on the job title, but you will need to meet a few general requirements.

  • There is a minimum age limit of 21 years and a maximum age limit of 40 years for candidates applying for jobs in the Assam Public Service Commission. The age is calculated category by category.
  • Candidates applying for the leading government job in the vocation of exploration officer must hold a graduate degree in subjects such as Sanskrit/anthropology/ history or archaeology.
  • Candidates must have a Master’s degree in Mathematics, Economics, Commerce, Statistics, Business Administration, or Social Work from a recognized university. They also need to be proficient in spoken and written English.

APSC process

There is a structured process for applying and interviewing candidates for the Assam Public Service Commission civil service examination. Candidates take written examinations, interviews, and evaluations based on how they did in both areas.


What is the qualification for the APSC exam?

The candidate applying for the Assam Public Service Commission civil service examination must be at least 21 years of age, and the candidate cannot be older than 38.

With age restrictions lifted, some candidates may qualify for relaxation of the policies set by the government of India.

What are the jobs under APSC?

The Assam Public Service Commission or APSC posts unevenly on various job roles that can take place under the organization – candidates may be an assistant engineer in electrical under the irrigation department, a junior engineer in civil under the irrigation department, an assistant engineer in civil, and so on.

Is there a negative marking in APSC?

Yes, there is a rule whereby candidates can lose points for incorrect answers at the Assam Public Service Commission examination. The APSC examination has a negative marking of .25 for each incorrect answer.

Some other famous full forms of APSC

APSC- Army personnel Systems Committee (in Military organizations)

APSC- Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle (An Educational Trust in Tamilnadu)

APSC- Academic Policies and Standards Committee (in Academics)

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