A Complete Guide To Facebook Live Video Streaming for Business

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Live streaming solutions have helped many brands and businesses to grow exponentially well in the global market. It not only helped brands to gain much-desired hike but also helped them to stay ahead of the competition. Broadcasting of live sessions from brand events, sharing behind the scene scenarios, launching a product, product demos and hosting interviews and Q & A sessions allow attendees from around the world to attend the same which they are unable to attend in person due to geographical limitations.

Live streaming for business has been trending in the current era and helping many brands and businesses to leverage. Not only new brands but existing big brands and businesses are opting for live broadcast solutions. Whether it’s a small business webcast or a live stream of a big corporate event, live broadcast solutions serve all.

Digital marketers are well aware of the benefits of broadcasting live video to Facebook and other social media platforms. Live streaming has become a core strategy for digital marketing and reaching millions around the globe without any geographical constraints. An ample number of social media platforms offer live broadcast solutions who wins the race is yet to be watched.

Facebook is one of the most popular choices in social media platforms. It is known by all irrespective of their age, gender & location. Facebook has gained immense popularity in the past few years and has millions of active users around the globe. Facebook live video streaming services have helped many big and small brands to grow and expand their pan presence thereby resulting in increased sales leads. It has been helping many brands and businesses to boost their presence. When a brand or a business opts for a Facebook live stream, it becomes easy for them to attract a larger audience base which was earlier not part of the brand family. With Facebook live stream it becomes easy for brands and customers to interact with each other in real-time.

The live audience can easily post comments during Facebook live stream and businesses or brands can respond to the most valuable comments during the business live streaming which makes customers feel valued. Conveying brand messages without the risk of getting lost in the clutter like traditional ways has been overcome by Facebook live streaming solutions. The Facebook live streaming company allows you to share your brands or business Facebook live stream to your website which results in boosting website traffic and resulting in more clicks to the brand’s website. Just hit the “GO LIVE” button when you are ready to stream live on Facebook. As soon as you hit the button the followers of your business page will be notified to tune in live and catch the live webcast sessions.

Sharing Facebook live streams to other social media platforms helps in reaching a wider audience base from where they are which may result in the expansion of the brand family. For a professional business live streaming contacting Facebook, webcasting vendors is the right choice as it helps in the professional broadcasting of live sessions from the event.

Facebook live streaming services allow businesses to broadcast live video to Facebook for at least an hour allowing viewers to tune in anytime. Once the Facebook live stream ends, it stays for 24 hours giving potential customers a chance to catch the missed webcast due to hectic schedules. One can’t comment while accessing a saved version of the Facebook live stream. You can pin the most valuable and appreciable comments by the audience at the top during the broadcasting of live sessions to Facebook.

It acts as influencers thereby resulting in attracting more audiences towards a specific brand or business. If you don’t know how to broadcast live video to Facebook, don’t lose hope and consult Facebook webcasting vendors to stay ahead in the digital race and plan your digital marketing strategy.  In this article, we will share a complete guide on how to start broadcast live video to Facebook.

How To Use Facebook Live Video Streaming Solutions For Your Business?

Download the Facebook app and hit the camera icon

If the app is not installed, download it and make an account for your brand and business page if you don’t have one. Login to your account from your smartphone or the device you want to broadcast live video to Facebook. Go to the news feed of the brand page and hit the camera icon available on the left side of the search bar. Grant permission to Facebook to access your device and microphone for the broadcasting of live sessions to Facebook.

Permission is required to proceed

Facebook will prompt you and ask for permission to access your camera and microphone. Grant permission for the same. Once you allow Facebook to use the camera of your mobile, next it will ask you to grant permission to your phone’s camera content.

Set privacy settings as per the need of your business

After giving permission, you are all set to hit the “GO LIVE” button and broadcast live video to Facebook. It helps you to reach millions of active users around the globe. Before hitting the “GO LIVE” button set privacy settings for your Facebook live stream to public or private as per the need of your brand or business. If you are live streaming for the business that holds a confidential corporate event keeping privacy settings private is the right move. You can restrict the location and specific set of people from accessing your business live streaming.

Whereas public settings to an account at the time of live webcasting allows a large number of audiences to tune in live at the time of the Facebook live stream. If the agenda behind live webcasting is promotion, keeping settings work in favour as it helps in expanding the reach and attracting more target audience.

Write an attractive description with the right keywords

Adding an eye catchy description with the right keywords to your Facebook live stream is the next step. The description will catch the audience’s attention as it will appear on the news feed. It will evoke interest in the audience to tune in at the time of the Facebook live stream. A brief description holds an insight into what is the topic for live streaming which helps your viewers understand the purpose of live webcasting.

Tag friends and personalize Facebook live stream

Customize your Facebook live stream by tagging your friends during Facebook Live.  You can even add your location from where you are streaming live. It promotes your live webcast and motivates people to tune in live instantly.

Adjust the direction of your camera

Firstly decide whether you want to keep the camera view as a selfie or rearview and adjust settings accordingly. Adjust your camera focus point where you want to focus before clicking the “Start Live Video” button.

Broadcast live video to Facebook by clicking on the “Start Live Video”

To start the broadcasting of live sessions of your brand event or start your professional business live streaming you are now ready to click the “Start Live Video” button and start your business live streaming. As you hit the button countdown of 3,2,1 starts and in no time you will be streaming live on Facebook. Once you start the Facebook live stream it starts showing up in news feed like any other post. The Facebook live streaming company allows you to live stream for business for about 90 minutes.

Communicate with your online audience at the time of Live webcast

Once you opt facebook for broadcasting live sessions, it allows you to interact with potential customers from around the world in real-time by enabling comments. You can answer the most appropriate questions during the Facebook live stream and take valuable suggestions by customers into consideration that helps in improving the brand thereby making customers feel valued. You can even pin-up the most lovable comments that will act as influencers to attract more audience base.

Tap on the “Finish” icon to end the Facebook live streaming

Click the “Finish” button to end the live streaming for business on Facebook. Once you click the Finish button, the video will stay on your Timeline for 24 hours like any other post giving an opportunity to the audience to catch missed Facebook live stream.

Save your small business webcast to your camera roll

Once you are done with live streaming for business, save your Facebook live stream to your camera roll. By doing so, you can easily share your Facebook live stream with other social media platforms thereby giving the brand more exposure and attracting a wider audience base.

Streaming live to Facebook is simple, just by keeping a few things in mind. For professional live streaming for business, contact facebook webcasting vendors to deliver an HD quality live stream.

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