Fashion Branding in 2020: What should you do to get the attention of fashion divas?

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Fashion marketing and branding have undergone a complete overhaul since the beginning of the new millennium. From glossy makeup and bold colors of the early 2000s to the fast-fashion and street styles of 2020, there is a lot that happened.

But what happens now when there are strict restrictions on social gatherings due to the raging pandemic? When all but essential services are closing down, how can fashion brands continue to survive?

The decisions for fashion brands and clothing businesses have come down to selling old stocks or shutting down operations altogether. Amid all this gloom, how can a fashion business re-enter the market and regain the attention of the fashionistas?

We’ll tell you how.

Welcome aboard to fashion branding 2020 edition—a post where we tell you all about quick conversion techniques to garner the attention of fashion.

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What is the cornerstone of fashion branding today?

Digital marketing is, by far, one the most convenient yet the most complicated thing that has happened to modern-day marketers.

Not only has it opened doors to easier visual projections of products into the lives of prospective clients, but it has also boosted e-commerce through endorsements.

Also, the avenue of influencer marketing has proved immensely profitable for fashion brands. It has taken companies like Fashion Nova to the top of the list of companies based on the fast fashion business model.

Now that the majority of businesses have shifted their operations online, here are a few game-changing tips that can help clothing and fashion brands to remain at the top of their game.

Look books and gift guides are the new normal

Making look books is an easy and effective technique to attract fashion divas. Showing consumers how they can incorporate your line of clothing in their everyday wear will give a positive image of your brand.

Online clothing stores like Luca & Grae have been observed to make appearances in the lives of YouTubers and other Instagram influencers and communities to boost outreach and engagement.

Other than the look books, making gift guides to help users identify the best products to gift to their loved ones is also a productive way to keep your brand relevant throughout the year.

Make use of the seasons and occasions

Seasonal campaigns and sales provide an easy opportunity to market your brand. You can launch a line of summer swimwear or fall-themed lines of bold and vibrant colors.

Variations in the collection according to the weather, national holidays, and trends can help a fashion brand remain relevant to social media.

remain at the top of their game

For example, Leather Skin Shop, an online store that sells men and women leather jackets, offered a discount on Father’s Day. It allowed the brand to attract the consumers who were looking for a gift idea for their dads.

If we talk about seasons, it’s never an easy decision to make when it comes to choosing an outerwear item in the cold, especially a lightweight jacket. Fortunately, utility jackets’ attractive hoods have long kept outerwear fashionable. There is something special about each and every utility jacket.

The buttons on several of the jackets are conspicuous. Some of them have a retro feel to them, while others are more contemporary. Some of them have a striking amount of confidence. All of them, however, provide adequate insulation to allow you to fully enjoy the frigid days and nights. You’ll learn about the best seven women’s utility jackets with hoods in this evaluation by Wear Graphene.

You can also launch a few staple Christmas sweaters and shirts for the holiday season or even make use of viral trends like Kylie Jenner’s Rise and Shine tee shirts and jackets.

Giveaways make everything blissful

What attracts consumers more than stylish clothes is ‘free clothes.’ Nothing excites a fashion enthusiast more than a giveaway or discount offer.

It can be done in multiple ways. You can create a story based campaign to answer a question about “what makes you feel beautiful?” or perhaps something like “Tag three friends who would like to get their hands on this exclusive design.”

When a brand launches a giveaway, they increase expectations of their current and prospective clients. People develop an attachment with the brand through the concept of being ‘chosen.’

Winning freebies would allow the winner a short span of attention from all the followers of the brand, and this gush of attention is what a fashion divas crave.

Let influencers work their magic

Influencers are the greatest boon to fashion branding. They allow a brand to penetrate new customers through the sway they hold over the choices of their followers.

Their followers are eager to trust them for suggestions and tend to get inspired by their endorsements and everyday choices to make changes in their own lives.

It is indeed the theory of fashion branding in a nutshell. When influencers like Jess Holsman from Australia collaborate with brands like Cotton On, they evoke interest in overseas followers as well.

OUR VALUES - Cotton on Group

Email your fashion-forward clients on their birthdays

Email marketing is often pushed aside due to the mere assumption of it being spammy. However, the truth is that when a client receives a ‘Happy Birthday’ email from a brand, offering them an exclusive birthday discount code, it makes them feel valued.

This effort by the brand to reach out to its customers on a personal level develops goodwill for the brand.

Say hello to paid advertisements again

When all else fails, a fashion brand can always fall back on the ‘tried and tested’ paid advertisements that are targeted towards the best prospective customers to improve the rates of conversion. It allows the brand to attract the interest of the right audiences.

Targeted ads are one of the most effective ways to bring customers to your fashion store and make them buy a product.

Carefully designed ads have the power to lock the attention of fashion divas, and we all know that when a girl (really) wants to buy a dress, nothing can stop her from buying that dress.

Final Thoughts

Fashion branding requires creativity and uniqueness. Brands have to offer something exclusive to the customers, which makes them believe that it is designed just for them.

Brands can take inspiration from Kanye West’s Yeezy’s, or they can offer a rich customer experience like Victoria’s Secret changing rooms. However, while replicating these ideas, it is also important to keep the unique identity of your brand intact.

So, while fashionistas and divas can’t come to your physical store for shopping, you must do all you can to get them to your online stores. Make them feel valued through your marketing efforts and offer them products to celebrate life and their love for fashion.

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