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How To Deal With IT Assets At The Time of Remote Working?

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As per the current scenario, when everyone does not have any other option but to stay at home and work from home. However, there are several organizations that are based on remote working. It saves the expenses of office space and provides more flexibility to employees. Undoubtedly, all-remote work offers a number of advantages to companies and their employees as well. But when offices are empty no one is there to take care of assets.

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What are the solutions for IT assets when remote working is the only option? 

Yeah, it is getting a little uneasy to work when remote work is the only option to maintain IT assets. So here is the possible solution:

Use of Cloud technology – As we know, we are living in an evolving technology era where cloud computing is on the rise. It provides us with a platform to access files & data from anywhere. This technology comes really handy when all employees are working from home. It allows us to share data and information in real-time and most importantly it creates a collaborative work environment. 

Use of Mobile – Nowadays mobiles are not just for personal use, they are now being utilized in business for video conferencing & meeting and work. It means that you can access office data when you are traveling, going for a business meeting, or enjoying the vacation. 

Asset management software – This software is very useful for tracking IT assets. It allows you to keep track, manage, and monitor your IT assets. You can get almost all the information about assets within this software. Most importantly this software comes with cloud technology allowing to create a work order, keep asset updated, and so on. Another benefit of this software, it is also built as a mobile application you can access data on the go. 

How this software can help the IT sector? 

If we speak about the IT industry many organizations are remote working these days. There are IT assets such as laptops, mobile phones, scanners, printers, UPS, network devices, etc. In a medium-size IT office, they are in hundreds of quantities, But the question is, are they in good condition?  

No one is able to check IT assets because everyone is working from home. No one is tracking these assets these days. Especially when an organization has multiple branches. It is practically difficult to track these assets when staff members move from one location to another or staff members leave the organization. Spares and consumables inventory like keyboards or mouse also need to be tracked. This is where asset management software can help your organization.  

It can keep track of assets and for this purpose, several technologies are used such as Barcode, QR Code (Quick Response code), NFC (Near field communication), RFID (Radio-frequency identification), BLE (Bluetooth low energy), GPS (Global positioning system), IoT (Internet of things). These technologies can assist in providing real-time location of assets. When assets are tagged with this technology you can always know asset location in real-time. Moreover, this software permits you to track the movement of each device with this tracking technology. 

It is also equipped with a fixed asset register where you can see all the IT assets with location and categories of assets. These assets can be allocated to individual employees. If you want to gather or track information about a specific asset this software allows you to do that via location, individual, brand, model, serial number, etc. 

For IT industry maintenance is a big issue. They have heavy equipment such as HVAC and servers that need maintenance on a regular period otherwise there are can be serious consequences such as data loss. Therefore, maintenance is very important. This software provides the facility to create a work order for asset maintenance. You can create an asset maintenance work order or just one asset or multiple assets while remote work. In case of breakdowns, repairs should happen immediately to prevent business loss, which can also be aligned remotely. 

Maintenance must be done on time just because offices are empty does not mean that asset shall be neglected. They can release harmful particles because the equipment is filled with dangerous gases in order to keep them under control maintenance is a must. With this software scheduling maintenance is very easy and it will alert the team or agent for maintenance.  

Once you set the notification timing daily weekly or monthly then it will automatically alert you when next maintenance. It sends you alerts and notification when your assets need maintenance. So now you don’t have to remember which asset needs maintenance! 

If any asset failure occurs then the supervisor or manager can raise tickets and the ticket is assigned to an agent and notified at the same time. Then the asset is repaired in minimum time. Recording of repairs done, costs incurred, and spares consumed. Keeping all these history maintenance records assist the organization in the long run. It can assist when to discard assets or when it is no longer useful for the organization. 

Another IT industry issue is an audit, this software prepares your organization for audit, this means you can conduct an internal audit. Create audit based on locations categories and departments. After that, assign it to a single employee or multiple employees. Physical verification of assets is done easily and users can verify assets by mobile that too in offline mode. Once the mobile is connected to the internet it will sync & update all the information. Moreover, this software can also assist organizations in depreciation management. 

There is no doubt that the Asset management software market is rising! According to Statista, “The global market for fixed asset management software is forecast to grow from 3 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 to 5.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2024. Fixed asset management software is used to streamline maintenance processes, extend the longevity of assets, and improve productivity.” 

If you want to stabilize your business and then this system can really help. It has a lot of benefits that can save business several money expenses and the overall impact can be seen on the bottom line. Especially in a tough time as this whole world is going through. Unquestionably, asset management software can be a blessing for the remote employees and your business as well.

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