What You Must Do If You are Injured in a Car Accident

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Auto accidents occur throughout the country every day, and several circumstances increase the risk of these events. When it comes to an auto accident, it is the cause of the accident that dictates who is at fault and what victims stand to collect from their misfortunes. Among the reasons that auto accidents happen include DUI, moving violations, and dangerous road conditions. When another party is at fault for an auto accident, it is necessary to get adequate evidence to support the victim’s claim. Reviewing auto accident laws guide victims through a legal claim to collect compensation for their injuries and financial losses.

Auto accidents

Contact Law Enforcement

After an accident, the first priority is to get law enforcement and emergency services to the scene of the accident. The officers complete a full assessment of the accident and establish what party is at fault for the accident, and they determine if there was more than one at-fault driver. Once the complete officers conclude their investigation, they complete an auto accident report. The report shows what drivers were at fault and what parties were involved in the accident. Victims of an auto accident need to hire a lawyer immediately to get started on a legal claim.

Go to the Hospital Even If They are Minor Injuries

All injured parties should go to the hospital for a medical evaluation to record their accident injuries. Even if the injuries are minor, the victim generates full medical records that show what injuries they sustained in their accident. In some instances, it may take a few hours before the victim realizes they are injured because adrenaline is pumping through the body after the accident. Once the adrenaline subsides, they may find themselves in incredible pain. Even if the medical assessment leads to no injuries, it is best to seek help just in case.

Get At Least Three Estimates for Auto Repair Costs

When assessing auto repair costs, the victim will need at least three estimates from reputable auto repair shops. Even if they just file an insurance claim, the individual will need at least three estimates. An insurer will review the estimates to find the median cost for the repairs. If the victim must file a legal claim, the estimates show the cost of repairing their vehicle.

File a Claim Through the At-Fault Driver’s Insurer

Whenever possible, the victim can file an insurance claim through the at-fault driver’s insurance provider. The insurer will want estimates for the auto repairs and invoices from the victim’s doctor for all medical costs. If the victim lost wages because of their injuries, the insurer will need an income statement from their employer. The claims adjuster reviews the accident to determine what happened and what damages were caused by the policyholder. Once all information has been verified, the insurer sends a check to the auto accident victim.

After an auto accident claim, the policyholder could experience an increase in their auto insurance premiums. If they were guilty of a DUI, the insurer could deny the claim if there is a clause in their coverage for criminal acts. Under the circumstances, the victim could collect compensation through the criminal case.

When the At-Fault Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance

If the at-fault driver doesn’t have auto insurance, they face penalties for failing to comply with auto insurance laws. Non-compliant drivers could face driver’s license suspensions and a suspension of their automobile registration. If the non-compliant driver caused an auto accident with injuries, they could face further penalties. When the victim cannot collect through an insurer, they will need to start a legal claim. The auto accident victim will need a viable claim against the at-fault driver to collect compensation for all their financial losses.

Auto accident victims must gather substantial evidence to support their claim against the accountable driver. They need medical evidence that depicts their physical injuries and shows that these injuries were caused by the auto accident. They need estimates for their auto repair costs, a letter from their employer showing that they lost wages, and invoices for all their medical expenses. In an auto accident lawsuit, a judge and jury render a decision about if the accident victim receives any compensation. If you want to know about wrongful death lawyers you can visit

Request Depositions With Eyewitnesses

Depositions are collected by the victim’s attorney from all eyewitnesses that saw the accident. Their testimony may substantiate the victim’s allegation against the at-fault driver. They could provide the exact sequence of events that caused the accident and determine if the victim was guilty of a moving violation during the accident. The defense has the same opportunity to depose the eyewitnesses and review their statements. Either side can use testimony or evidence acquired during the deposition.

Allow Your Doctor to Testify if You Have Serious Injuries

The victim’s doctor can testify if the auto accident victim has serious or life-altering injuries as a result of the auto accident. The doctor can explain how the injuries will affect the victim throughout their lives and how it may affect their ability to support themselves financially. The doctor’s testimony may determine if the defendant is responsible for the wages the victim lost after the accident, or if they must provide a lump sum settlement that provides lifelong financial support. If the victim dies as a result of their injuries, their doctor can show how the defendant is liable for wrongful death.

Auto accidents often lead to serious injuries and extensive property damage. The events aren’t fender benders always, and someone could get hurt severely. Some auto accident injuries could lead to traumatic brain injuries that alter the individual’s life and cause the victim to need 24-hour care. The loss of limb or organ function may leave the individual with a permanent disability that prevents them from supporting themselves and their family financially. Under some circumstances, the victims die, and the at-fault driver may face a wrongful death lawsuit. Reviewing auto accident laws helps victims determine the most viable course of action when trying to collect compensation for their losses.

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